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Multifunctional Cast Iron Pan

Available with size:

SE-CPAN-S (Fit for 13") 

Diameter: 16CM

SE-CPAN-M (Fit for 16") 

Diameter: 20CM

SE-CPAN-L (Fit for 21"/23.5)

Diameter: 25CM


  • This Large Pan fits all types of cooking ranges such as Gas, Electric, Ceramic, Halogen, Solid Fuel, Induction Cookers etc. 

  • Also suitable for use on BBQ Grills.

  • Ideal for making Fried Potatoes, Scrambled Eggs, Hash Brown, Steaks etc.

  • Material Cast Iron excellent for heat conducting.

  • Traditional Cast Iron Construction, Pre-Seasoned with Natural Oils.

  • This Fry Pan has 2 spouts for pouring excessive oil.

  • Hand Wash only, this pan should be cleaned with hot water without any detergent.

Precautions for Frying Pans

Using and Drying Cast Iron Cookware Completely. Cast Iron will rust if it is not dried immediately after washing. Start by towel drying your cookware. Then place the Frying Pan on the stove with low heat for a minute or two to pull out any remaining moisture. If desired lightly coat your cast iron pan with oil and heat for a minute or two longer.  This will help restore any seasoning that might be lost during washing.

How to Clean Cast Iron

Wash your Cast Iron Frying Pan in hot water immediately after use. Due to concerns over bacteria, we recommend washing with soapy water-though there are many cast iron users who feel it is best to stick with water only. Whichever you choose, be sure not to scrub too vigorously and do not submerge the pan completely in water. This could damage the seasoning on the pan.